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McDonald Lake Glacier National Park

As you arrive in our beautiful little airport.
{ We may not be a large airport, but you will find that getting here from anywhere is an easy thing to do.}
As you come off the tarmac, you will have your first taste of our lovely scenery.
The airport walls are covered with murals. Just to let you know, that you have arrived in an extraordinary spot in America.
No matter where you may be staying, you will enjoy the ride through our lovely little towns. We are not "big city "but what you will find is that warm friendly Montana atmosphere.
Rest from your plane ride, and enjoy a hardy dinner at one of our fine restaurants.
Your vacation has begun, and tomorrow will be the start of your Glacier National Park experience.

Day 1 & 2

Eat a hearty breakfast and come along with me into sights you will never forget.

As soon as you enter Glacier National Park you will be amazed at the scenery.
Off of Hwy 2 just passed Essex at "Goat Lick", you will see Mountain goats, and other animals, just off of the road.
These animals enjoy the minerals coming up through the ground.
Another of our destinations will be the "Lewis Over Thrust Fault".
The parks most famous Geological sites, will help you to understand the geological history of our park.

The scenery in Glacier National Park will take your breath away, with every turn. You will want to take lots of pictures, so make sure your camera is ready to go. Pictures will bring back all glorious memories when telling of your trip to others.
When making reservations for your stay, the first two nights should be spent at Glacier Park Lodge. This lovely lodge was built in 1912 and 1913, from logs cut from cedar and Douglas fir trees.
Most of these logs were from trees that were 500 to 800 years of age.
The lodge is sometimes called "Big Tree Hotel" and is at the foot of Squaw Peak Mountain.
It is rich in the history and culture of the Great Northern Railway, and the Blackfeet Indians (Video of the North American Indian Days in Browning Montana). The Lodge with it's beautiful gardens, heated swimming pool, golf course & reading room shows off the fantastic mountain views. This will make a fantastic place to stay while exploring for a couple of days. In the evening, you may be treated to a Native American fireside talk.

Day 3

Today we will visit, Two Medicine Valley.
This lovely valley is on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, and borders the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The area is rich in Native American history.
We will leave highway 49 at Two Medicine Junction, and if you feel the desire for a short easy stroll, lets visit Running Eagle Falls.
These falls are beautiful and only about 1/3 of a mile off the road.
We soon hear the sound of falling water, and with the help of a make shift foot bridge, are able to walk up close.
It's a special treat for those who don't mind that "rained on feeling "to walk in closer. Very tempting for children.
After visiting these falls we will go for a boat ride across Two Medicine Lake. It's such a treat to sit back and look at the mountains surrounding us.
Here, we can hike to Appistaki Falls. Another wonderfully breathtaking sight, let these sights and sounds sooth away any cares. This area was considered to be healing by the Native Americans, and certainly does bring us a "Serenity Feeling". What a great "get away" from the busy world around us.
As we enjoy Two Medicine Valley, keep watch for an abundance of wild life. It's common to see moose, elk, and deer in the meadows. The grizzlies and black bear, wolves and mountain lions, are more apt to be in the shady protected areas. You will see Bald Eagles, soaring high in the bright blue sky and hear their screaming calls. There are many species of birds who call this lovely valley home, and their songs fill the air with music.
What a wonderful day, in Two Medicine Valley.

Day 4

Today we will travel around Many Glacier Valley.
Here we will once again be amazed, at the beautiful meadows. The lush green forests, and rushing waterfalls.
The area is home to many animals. If you watch closely, you will spot both brown and black bear. Mountain goats and bighorn sheep stand on the edge of sharp cliffs, where no man would dare to stand. Elk feed in the lush meadows. If it is huckleberry season, you may even see grizzlies eating their fill of those sweet and tempting berries, that this valley produces.
But, be careful, he may want to eat at the same bush you do.
The Many Glacier Hotel, is known around the world. It was built in 1915 and has a Swiss Chalet design. It is beautifully set on the shores of Swift Current Lake with views that name it the Switzerland of North America.

This is a perfect place for nature lovers. You may travel by boat into a lush wilderness, and hike to see a living glacier. There are 27 glaciers in the park. Or take a walk along the shores of Lake Josephine, where you just may see black bears.

Eat your meals in the lovely dining room, of Many Glaciers Hotel, and watch the breath taking view of snow capped peaks, that are on the far side of the lake.
At the end of the day, you will sleep soundly breathing the fresh mountain air, flavored with scents of mountain pine.

Day 6

Today we will travel one of the most beautiful roads on earth.
This scenic stretch of road was in the building for 11 years, and was completed in 1932. It is known as a National Historic Landmark (Going to the Sun Road). You will be delighted by the vision of valleys carved out by glaciers, and lakes like mirrors. We will travel up and over the Continental Divide. Stopping to take pictures of mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and hoary marmots.
The highlight of this scenic drive will be Logan Pass. Here the wildflowers are extraordinary.
We share these views with, the ptarmigan birds, who nest on the ground, and maybe a grizzly digging in the earth for glacier lily bulbs. It is not uncommon to see a herd of elk wandering through field in back of the visitors center.
Take lots of photos, and take a short walk. To trail here is the Hidden Lake Outlook trail. The trail is 1.5 miles and a 460 ft gain in elevation.

Soon we will ride down the other side of the pass toward Lake McDonald.
Now at Lake McDonald Lodge, relax and soak up the atmosphere, in front of a huge stone fireplace. Here again we are privileged to enjoy the glorious views of the mountains. Lake McDonald Lodge sits in the trees along the shore of lovely McDonald Lake. We may use this spot as our "home base " while exploring the western part of Glacier National Park.

Plan your Glacier National Park trip, written by Verna Parks.

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