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Moose in Glacier National Park
One thing for sure is that if it's mossy, it's moose-y. Moose spend most of their time in meadows and marshy areas.

Trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Gorge
Wheelchair accessible walk through a lush garden of red cedar, larch and hemlock.

Glacier Park by Jesse Malone
Ever think how beautiful Heaven might be?
Well, for a little taste of just that kind of awe-inspiring thrill, visit Glacier National Park.

Kintla Lake
Kintla Lake has the most northerly campground on the west side, and from there, views of the Lake are magnificent

Big Prairie
Early settlers found a piece of paradise here in Glacier National Park and homesteaded it. Can ya blame ‘em?

Red Fox in Glacier National Park
Just look at the beautiful faces and coloring of the Red Fox you’ll find in Glacier National Park and you girls will never yearn for a Red Fox coat again!

Falls Colors around Chief Mountain

With Fall colors comes mating season for the Bull Elk. You’ll hear his loud trumpet echoing thru’ the park often this time of year.

Goat Haunt Montana
Follow the beautiful trail up Rainbow Falls and you will discover Goat Haunt, a natural salt lick for the many animals of Glacier National Park.

Wild Goose Island
What a great place to take a memorable picture of this small island flanked by the majestic mountains of Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Area
If you’re a hiker or would love drifting languidly on the lakes of the Glaciers, just follow the many trails with names such as: Swift Current Nature Trail, Lake Josephine Trail, and Grinnell Lake Trail and your dreams will come true

Appekunny Falls
Located on Many Glacier Road a little more than three miles from the park entrance. There will be a large sign, Poia Lake Hiking Trail, on the north side of the road. The Appekunny Falls Trail is to the left of the large sign.

Johns Lake in Glacier National Park
Follow the short, well-maintained trail to John’s Lake in Glacier National Park and you will find yourself walking beneath a beautiful canopy of Hemlock and Cedar trees.

Lake McDonald Lodge
Located ten miles along the Going to the Sun Road on the west side of Glacier National Park, is McDonald Lodge, a lovely, quaint inn with rooms inside the grand hotel or rustic cabins in the rear. Built in 1913 as a hunting lodge, it equates pure tranquility to those who choose to stay.

Bowman Lake
If you love water sports on crystal clear water, Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park is the place for you. But be aware, it is a prime habitat to Osprey and Eagles so the lake above the upper campground is frequently closed while these beautiful, protected birds are nesting.
Enjoy crystal clear Lake Bowman nestled among the mountain peaks of Square Peak, Rainbow Peak, and Mount Carter. For a day of quiet fishing, canoeing, paddle boating, or picnicking on her shores, you can’t beat the glorious sights and sounds of this Glacier National Park wonderland. Make reservations to enjoy one of the campgrounds on the lake to observe the beauty of the wild, and witness Osprey and Eagles soar over the lake in search of fish for their dinner.

Covey Meadow
From this beautiful place, the Livingston Range looms in the background surrounding and protecting the peaceful meadow and valley floor.

Hidden Meadow
Follow the narrow pathway to this lush meadow in Glacier National Park and you will see deer, lakes, quiet ponds, and flowers in profusion.

Howe Lake
Slip off the gravel road, and hike into Howe Lake in Glacier National Park for a little piece of solitude and quiet. Enjoy the breathtaking sights and soft twittering sounds of birds, and murmurs of small animals peeking shyly from meadow burrows.

Harrison Lake
This long, deep, and clear lake fed by mountain streams is snuggled between tall peaks in Glacier national Park. The narrow trail is lush with green groundcover on both sides, and makes a lovely walk to Harrison Lake.

Sun Point
For rugged mountain views and scenic hiking trails, the outdoor lover must take this trek to St. Mary’s Lake approximately 7.5 miles from the St. Mary’s entrance to Glacier National Park.
As the visitor can plainly see, majestic mountains surround St. Mary’s Lake at Sun Point. One of the largest lakes in the Park, this area is open by the month of May until deep snows close the road in late fall. There are lovely picnic areas along the shore, and plenty of sandy/ rocky beaches to explore.

Flowers of Glacier National Park
Don’t underestimate the floral beauty of Glacier National Park. You will see Oxeye Daisies, Showy Asters, Canadian Goldenrod, Butter & Eggs, and Yarrow just to name a few glorious species along the Going to the Sun Road.

Wild Flowers in Glacier
Wanna take a close up look at some lovely wild flowers grown right here by God’s hand in Glacier National Park? Then just click on each one shown above and you who love horticulture will see true beauty. There are Yellow Asters, Orange Hawkweed, Wild Geraniums, Prairie Clover, Wild Snapdragons (better known in the park as Butter & Eggs because of their white and yellow color) and many, many more glorious bouquets to enjoy as you hike, drive, ride horseback, or float along on lakes gazing at the shoreline in this beautiful National park.

East Side of Glacier National Park In the Fall
The park closed early on us this year, due to road construction. This did not stop us in finding the splendor of fall colors.
Taking a trip along the eastern edge and visiting the many stops there. Chief Mtn to the north and East Glacier to the south.
All with magnificent scene of their own.

The Elusive Elk Video
One of the wonders of North American wildlife can be experienced during the dawn of an autumn day in elk country. As clouds lighten from gray to pink and mountains begin to glow, the bugling of a bull elk resonates across a valley. People who witness such scenes seldom forget the experience.

Twin Falls Video
Enjoying the cool waters of Twin Falls in the Two Medicine valley.

Cut Bank Creek Slideshow
I had heard, from a traveling buddy of mine, that Cut Bank Pass Trail,
in Glacier National Park was a sight no one should miss.

Glacier National Park is located in the northwest corner of Montana, just north of Columbia Falls. The park encompasses more than one million acres and is home to grizzly bear, moose, elk, along with 63 varieties of wild mammals. While most of the roads in Glacier National Park are closed off during the winter, this provides miles and miles of tracks for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Visitors are seldom around in the dead of winter, so the muffled hush of the snow covered woods is especially enticing and serene.

A ski or snowshoe trip along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is one of the most scenic roads in North America, is a great option, according to park rangers. The road is closed to cars from September or October until snowmelt, usually in June. Several short hiking trails branch off from the road, which would be excellent for snowshoeing or skiing in the winter season.

 Once you have your gear, head up to Glacier National Park for an exciting adventure. Guided snowshoe trips are available, led by a park naturalist, and are highly recommended. If you are looking for an informative tour, snowshoeing is an easy way to explore the winter wonderland of this unique park. Snowshoeing will provide even the novice an effortless activity so your senses are more in tune with your environment and your guide's knowledge on the history, wildlife, geology, and biology of this precious ecosystem.

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