Glacier National Park Information


Sun Point In Glacier National Park

Visitors at Sun Point Lookout.

Sun Point features a wonderful picnic area and supports a
self guided 1 - mile hiking trail that leads along the beautiful shores of Saint Mary Lake.

Located on Saint Mary Lake about 7.5 miles from the Saint Mary entrance to Glacier National Park.
One of the largest lakes in the park, here are a few of the most photographed views for you to enjoy. Sun Point is usually open from early May until the deep snow pack closes the road.

Images of Sun Point and Surrounding Mountains

Glacier National Park's Sun Point Nature Trail is a
short well groomed trail that allows a person to walk along the cliffs
and shores of the beautiful Saint Mary Lake of Glacier National Park.
We have photographed this trail many times under many conditions and
finally captured the moment of quiet solitude and near mirror water conditions
to allow magnificent reflections of the surrounding mountains.

The trail begins just off the Going-to-the-Sun Road in the St. Mary Lake area. You'll see signs for Sun Point and the turn-off will take you to a parking lot. The great thing about this trail is that it joins with several others trails leading to waterfalls and backcountry lakes and campgrounds. 

The winds can be incredibly strong, however, the viewing area offered a fantastic view of western-most portion of St. Mary Lake and the mountains that make up the continental divide.

Plan to see at least three of the accessible waterfalls along the Sun Point Nature Trail:
Baring Falls, St. Mary Falls and Virginia Falls. 
Once you start the trail along the north edge of the lake, you'll want to stop often to take in the view.

If you only have one day and want to experience some beautiful waterfalls, I highly recommend this trail system. According to our calculations the hike was a little over 6 miles round trip -- from the Sun Point viewing area up to Virginia Falls and back. The hike wasn't difficult, be sure to follow your map and pay attention to the signs as there are several trails merging together along the way.

I do have to note that the Sun Point Nature Trail is also a great starting point for a longer hike to Red Eagle Lake. From what I can tell on the map, you can even hike this trail system all the way to Lake McDonald on the west side of the park!