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Baring Falls In Glacier National Park

Trail Photos going to Baring Falls

1.4 mile loop

he Trailhead is 7.7 miles east of Logan Pass along the Going-to-the-Sun Road at the southeast corner of Sun Point parking area. Follow the Sun Point Nature Trail.

This is an easy walk along the north shore of St. Mary Lake. At a junction in the trail we take the left spur to Sun Point for a view of all the surrounding mountains and St. Mary Lake. The view is beautiful, with an information sign showing the names of all the mountains. As we return to the junction we follow the main trail. The trail has rocky footing and passes through the forest with openings that reveal beautiful St. Mary Lake and the mountains. Arriving at a footbridge over Baring Creek we see Baring Falls, which drops about forty feet. A dipper bobbing near the creek dives beneath the water in search of food. These birds are fascinating to watch and seem to fly underwater.

Just past Baring Falls we find a boat dock on St. Mary Lake. The boat dock is used for Glacier Park boat trips. This is our turn-a-round point and we enjoy the views and forest on our return trip, stopping to talk to some of the hikers we pass who are continuing on to Piegan Pass Trail.


Today our hike will be an easy one, but certainly not lacking in beautiful sights. This short walk is one to enjoy from June until the end of October. May I suggest October, as the Aspen trees have been dipped in gold. There is nothing quite as beautiful as the golden leaves against the green of Douglas Fir and Western White Pine. You may also see these golden leaves resting on the pure white blanket of new fallen snow.

We will start our hike from the Sun Point parking lot, picking up a Nature Trail Guide at the trail head. This will be on the S.E. corner, off Going To The Sun Road. We will walk along the North shore of lovely St Mary Lake. Our trail is also the Sun Point Nature Trail for awhile.

The trail is heavily used, but well taken care of . At the split in the trail, we will go to our left toward Sun Point. This is a very scenic spot to see Citadel, Little Chief, and Going To The Sun Mountains to our west . As we turn and look to the east, we will see Curly Bear Mountain, Single Shot Mountain and Red Eagle. St Mary Lake with all of her beauty, lies just below. This lake is almost 10 miles long and 0.25 mile wide. Her waters are 289 feet deep. There is only one other lake larger in Glacier National Park. Massive glaciers dug out this beautiful lake almost 10,000 years ago.

Now, we will go back to the trail junction, and veer off  to the west. We will see where the "Going To the Sun Chalet " were once built by the Great Northern Railroad. This was completed in 1913. Since they were not being used they were destroyed in 1949.

As we walk along the northern shore of the lake, we will go through forests and meadows. It’s here that we will find the Aspen Trees, and hear the music of the wind gently singing through the leaves.

We will see a footbridge across Baring Creek, and to our right, Baring Falls. The Blackfoot Indians called it "Water Ouzal" which means Dipper Falls . They were named for the birds called Dippers. These birds are almost always wading and bobbing in the falls when the weather is not too cold.

It’s only a little ways to the lake from here, and a boat landing that is used for scenic boat tours, by the Glacier Park  Boat Company.

If your trip to our Glacier National Park is after Labor Day, many of our welcome guests have had to return home and the trails are not used as much. Animals move through the park more freely than and are seen more often. We know that you will love the park at this time of year as Mother Nature rearranges the beauty, and says Good Bye to summer.

Baring Falls, written by Verna Parks  
& Janet Rapelje

  1. Siyeh Pass Area
    - 5.6 miles
  2. Siyeh Bend
    - 10.3 miles
  3. St Mary Falls
    - 1.9 miles

  4. Virginia Falls
    - 2.6 miles

  5. Sun Point
    - 0.8 miles