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Kintla Lake

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Picnic by Kintla Lake

Directions to Kintla Lake Campground:

Drive 15 miles north of the Polebridge ranger station on the inside North Fork road. The road is fairly level and narrows slightly as it meanders through prairies and old growth timber. Big Prairie is scenic and peaceful with a few grand fathered in homesteads that are still in tact. Views of the surrounding mountain peaks, the Livingston Range, jagged and untamed, make this one of the more spectacular drives in Glacier National Park. Nearing the campground you pass by Boulder Pass Trailhead. Room for about 13 vehicles and an unloading dock for horses.

The Kintla campground is located right at the lake. There are only 13 no service campsites that are very well maintained. RVs are not recommended and there is only one space that would easily hold a 36 foot. Montana styled log fences separate the campgrounds from the neighboring creek and forest areas. Although there are no motorboats of any kind allowed, the lake itself harbors native westslope cutthroat and some rainbow trout introduced to several lakes in the region. So bring your row boat.

Kintla Ranger Station

Hikes in the Kintla Lake Area of
Glacier National Park

Kintla Lake Head Campground - 6.7 miles

Upper Kintla Lake Campground - 12.0 miles

Boulder Pass Campground - 17.1 miles

Goat Haunt Ranger Station- 31.3 miles