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Glacier National Park
Hidden Meadow
– 2.4 miles round trip

The Trailhead is located along Inside North Fork Road across from Lone Pine Prairie.

This June day is cool and refreshing as we begin our hike. The area is known to have an abundance of wildlife so we are cautious, whistling and talking loud as we walk slowly along the trail. No need to surprise a bear or moose. The first mile of trail passes through the 1988 Red Bench Fire area. Here the lodge pole pine is renewing the forest. In the early days this was a homestead and we find a few remnants of farming equipment close to the trial. We discuss what it must have been like then.

Hidden Meadow at the end of the trail surrounds some shallow lakes and we see deer near an aspen grove and listen to the sounds of a ruffed grouse drumming. It is hard to tell whether he is close to us or further away. Balsam Root is blooming and other wildflowers are growing but not yet in bloom. Birds are singing their spring songs and it’s a great day to be out enjoying nature in all its glory.

You can see that the wild flowers will be very abundant,
fabulous and beautiful on the road and trail.
The trail is 1.2 miles with a short climb of about 400 ft.
You are in Bear country, so caution is the key word here.
Walking through the trees most of the way keeps you cool,
and a word about remembering the mosquito spray.
When reaching Hidden meadow, you will see a pretty good size lake,
in which deer were very much present the day we went in.
Several bucks in velvet with does all around.
Nice to see them playing by the waters edge.
Not uncommon to see see bear, moose and elk in this area also.


Hidden Meadow written by Janet & Becca Rapelje  


For Slide Show Movie on Hidden Meadow Click Here



Glacier National Park is located in the northwest corner of Montana, just north of Columbia Falls. The park encompasses more than one million acres and is home to grizzly bear, moose, elk, along with 63 varieties of wild mammals. While most of the roads in Glacier National Park are closed off during the winter, this provides miles and miles of tracks for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Visitors are seldom around in the dead of winter, so the muffled hush of the snow covered woods is especially enticing and serene.

A ski or snowshoe trip along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is one of the most scenic roads in North America, is a great option, according to park rangers. The road is closed to cars from September or October until snowmelt, usually in June. Several short hiking trails branch off from the road, which would be excellent for snowshoeing or skiing in the winter season.

 Once you have your gear, head up to Glacier National Park for an exciting adventure. Guided snowshoe trips are available, led by a park naturalist, and are highly recommended. If you are looking for an informative tour, snowshoeing is an easy way to explore the winter wonderland of this unique park. Snowshoeing will provide even the novice an effortless activity so your senses are more in tune with your environment and your guide's knowledge on the history, wildlife, geology, and biology of this precious ecosystem.

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