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The Weeping Wall

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The Weeping Wall is another of Natures miracles along the Spectacular "Going To The Sun Road".  There are so many beautiful scenic spots to be seen that this road, up and over Logan Pass is considered a National Historic landmark.

The Weeping Wall, unlike other waterfalls in Glacier National park, was not entirely put there by Mother Nature. The veins of water running through the rocks in the mountains, were natural, but man opened them up by blasting to build the road. When these veins and springs were exposed, the water poured out on to the road. This 100 foot of wall, lets you feel like you were going through a lovely shower. You may need to roll up any open windows to keep dry., as the water comes cascading down .

The Weeping Wall, will not show off with as much water during the hot dry summer months, but early Spring, when snows are melting, the falls reach out into the road, and are tempting to touch, as you go by.

As beautiful as these falls are, they have caused problems with driving through here. As we all know, water can wear away at pavement. This is a problem that Park crews are constantly watching and repair when needed. They have had to install a concrete patch under the road, and if you hear a slapping sound, as you drive over it, you will know what it is. We can be very grateful that Park crews are constantly watching and maintaining this wonderful road through this most beautiful of all places ---- Glacier National Park.

The Weeping Wall in Glacier Park, written by Verna Parks. 
Weeping Wall photo by Becca Rapelje. 

The Weeping Wall Photo