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"Going To The Sun Road"

The Big Drift on Going To The Sun Road. June 13th 2014

Logan Pass Visitors Center Photo

Today, Lets reach for the sky.

Dress in warm clothing, and we will travel to Logan pass.

This scenic trip along the "Going To The Sun Road" will take us up to an elevation of 6,646 feet. Logan Pass is the highest point on this beautiful scenic trip.

Logan Pass goes across the Continental Divide, and can be very windy and chilly, even in July and August. You could, on a cloudy foggy day, find temperatures, in the mid 30s. Cold winds may make you glad that you wore warm clothing. On days like this, you will not enjoy an outside picnic, but warming up in the lovely Visitor Center Chalet, will provide you with much information about this Alpine ecology. You will find lots of exhibits on display. You will learn how plants and animals live and thrive in this high altitude. We are above the tree line up here and so the views are spectacular. You will find that about 1/3 of Glacier National Park is at an altitude such as this.

If we come up to Logan Pass on a sunny day, we will leave the car in the parking area, and walk to the start of several different hikes. Hidden Lake Overlook is only about 1.5 miles and the scenery will take your breath away with beauty. This trail has an increase of altitude, of about 550 feet. You may want to go back at this point, or head on down to the Hidden Lake. The Alpine scenery is so lovely that we may not be able to resist going down the steep trail to the lake.

We may decide to hike to Granite Park Chalet, from the Pass, on the Highline Trail. It is a hike of about 7.6 miles, with an uphill gain of 830 feet.

Granite Park Chalet, may be just what you would enjoy for an overnight stay. Here we find rustic Mountain accommodations. If we spend the night here we will have to pack in our own food and sleeping bags. A kitchen and beds are provided. We can sit on the front porch and watch the sun go down behind these beautiful Mountain peaks. We may even see snow on the tops, as late as early summer. Breath deep and fill your lungs with pure fresh pine scented air. There is nothing like it .

We may also decide to take the Haystack Butte Hike on the Highline Trail. With this hike we will walk along the Continental Divide toward Waterton Valley.  Up here we will see the beautiful Glacier National Park, as the soaring Eagles see it, from on high. We are bound to see a little of the wildlife that lives in the higher areas, such as bighorn sheep and limber mountain goats. What a thrill to see them fearlessly jump from one dangerous rock to another.

Logan Pass is open to travelers from the middle of June until the middle of Oct. With the visitor center closing at the end of Sept.

Mt Renolds at Logan Pass

Photo of Mt Renolds at Logan Pass
Wildflowers near Logan Pass Visitors Center

Logan Pass visitor center written by Verna Parks.