Glacier National Park Information


Piegan Summit and Pollock Saddle
in Glacier National Park

To the summit of Piegan the Lunch Creek route is about 2 miles in length and has an elevation gain of 2,800 feet.

It is necessary to navigate through the maze of climber's trails at the bottom of Lunch Creek. Following the creek affords easy walking along the climber's trail to the large waterfall. Climb the cliffs just east of the waterfall, Continuing up the basin to the upper snowfield. Upon reaching the upper snowfield climb through some easy cliffs to the saddle between Piegan and Pollock.

A climber's trail leads towards the Piegan summit for a short way and then fades as it reaches some gullies which lead to the summit.

This is a pretty basic route with many options. The cliffs above the basin can be climbed pretty much anywhere with little difficulty.

Piegan Mountain is located east of Logan Pass above the bridge where Lunch Creek crosses the Going-to-the-Sun Highway. Piegan is the southern tip of the Garden Wall. It stands 9,220 feet above sea level and is 43rd tallest named summit in the Glacier-Waterton National Parks. It is just slightly higher than its nearest neighbor along the Garden Wall, Pollock Mountain, which stands at 9,190 feet. The Bishops Cap even further to the north stands at 9,127 feet in elevation.

Piegan Mountain is undoubtedly a worthy destination for climbers who want to experience an easy climbing day in the Logan Pass Area and see some incredible scenery.