Glacier National Park Information


Horsing Around in Glacier National Park

It's The Spa Line, Grooming Day in Glacier National Park.

HORSEBACK RIDING… There are many, many trails (maintained by the forest service) to follow into the deepest parts of Glacier National Park. When horseback riding, or taking stock of any kind into the park, you must bring your own feed. Grazing is not permitted in order to keep the areas totally natural. Do remember to hang all feed, grains, pellets, etc., high in the trees away from the reach of bears. Yes, bears… They are your neighbors here and will not bother knocking when wishing to borrow whatever you may have packed into their territory to eat. Be cautious and alert to this fact. Cougars are another species that will trail you for miles if they get wind of food not properly packed and hidden from their sensitive nostrils.

More on Horsing around Glacier National Park by Granny Tam.

Horseback Riding Near McDonald Lake
The Bridge at the North end of McDonald Lake

Trails Closed to Stock
In the Lake McDonald Valley

Avalanche Lake Trail
Loop Parking Area to Packer's Roost Trail Junction (Granite Park Trail)
Spur Trail to Sperry Glacier
Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail
At Logan Pass

Hidden Lake Trail
Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet
In the Many Glacier Valley

Appekunny Falls Trail
Grinnell Glacier Trail
Hidden Falls Trail
Josephine Walkway
Swiftcurrent Lake Nature Trail
In the St. Mary Valley

Baring Falls from Sunrift Gorge
Sun Point Nature Trail
In the Two Medicine Valley

Dawson Pass to Cutbank Pass Trail Junction
Running Eagle Falls Nature Trail
In Other Parts of the Park

Hole-in-the-Wall Spur Trail
Huckleberry Mountain Nature Trail
Spur Trail to Lake Francis

Trails with a limit of 20-Head of Stock - Day Use Only

Apgar Lookout Trail
Apgar Mountain Loops
Apgar Flats Trail
Cracker Lake Trail
Gunsight Pass Trail (Lake McDonald Lodge Trailhead to Sperry Chalet)
Josephine Lake/Grinnell Lake (Horse Trails)
McDonald Valley Trails
Red Gap Pass Trail (Many Glacier Road to Poia Lake)
Swiftcurrent Pass Trail (Many Glacier to Granite Park)
Bowman Lake Road (When closed to vehicles)
Inside North Fork Road (When closed to vehicles)
The Old Flathead Ranger Station Road
The Spur to Apgar Lookout Trailhead
Check with Rangers for specific locations.

Stock Use at Bowman Lake

Stock users may keep up to ten head of stock at the Bowman Lake Corral while they camp at Bowman Lake Campground (about ΒΌ mile away). Prior permission must be obtained from the Polebridge Ranger Station (888-7842).

Noxious weed-seed free pellets and grain may be fed, but hay is prohibited.

Campgrounds Outside the Park that Allow Stock

The following campgrounds do not have a website that we know of.
Please call for information.

Devil Creek
(U.S. Forest Service) 10 miles west of East Glacier on U.S. Highway 2

Red Eagle Campground
4 miles north of East Glacier on State route 49 on Lower Two Medicine Lake

St Mary/Glacier Park KOA
north of St. Mary, on Lower St. Mary Lake

Chewing Blackbones
north of St. Mary, on Lower St. Mary Lake

Leaning Tree
east of Babb on County Road 464

Duck Lake
4 miles east of Babb on County Road 464 (portable corrals required)

Buffalo Child Youth Campground
1 mile south of the junction of Highway 89 and the Cutbank Road.