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Deadwood Falls Trail

Glacier National Park

Deadwood Falls from Jackson Glacier Overlook in Glacier National Park, an easy hike, about 1.2 miles one way.

Deadwood Falls in Glacier National Park

Jackson Glacier Overlook is a short walk from the shuttle stop and provides visitors with the opportunity to see a glacier from the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

You've made that cruise to chase away your blues and the promise of some fun on our island of endless sun. Along the way you'll pass several thimbleberry patches, as well as large amounts of cow parsnips, an important source of food for grizzly bears during the spring. Hikers should make a lot of noise to help prevent a surprise encounter with a bear. After hearing the rush of water cascading down where Reynolds Creek cuts through the red rocks of the Grinnell formation, the creek finally comes into view roughly 1.1 miles from the trailhead. Walk just a little further down the trail and you'll arrive at Deadwood Falls, a beautiful 10-foot waterfall with deep, crystal clear pools of water above and below the falls. There's also quite a bit of rock around the waterfall, making this an excellent spot for a snack break or a picnic lunch. A tenth of a mile further down the trail is the Piegan Pass trail junction, a bridge over Reynolds Creek and the spur trail to Reynolds Camp. St. Mary Falls can also be reached from the Deadwood Falls trail, which would lengthen your hike, but would result in much less climbing. Hikers have the option of making this a one-way hike by continuing along the Piegan Pass Trail to the St. Mary Falls parking area. From here simply take the Glacier Park shuttle to return back to the Jackson Glacier Overlook parking area.