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Top 10 Easy Access Places to visit.

We have put together a list of our "Going To The Sun Road" top picks. You won't want to miss any of these easy stops along the way, when spending a day in Glacier National Park.
The choice of what to include on this page was not an easy one. With views along the whole road, you will want to take your time and stop at each little pullout and enjoy the scenery.
In July of 2007 they introduced the new shuttle service in Glacier National park. You can now enjoy all of the sites without driving the road yourself. For those of us who would rather be watching the wildlife and scenery, rather than watching the road. This is a very convenient way of traveling over Going To The Sun Road.

When passing through the West Tunnel, imagine the time and effort it took to bore through 192 feet of mountain using 1926 technology.
The Loop is the only switchback you will encounter on the Going to the Sun Road. Stopping here will afford you the magnificent view of Heaven's Peak. You may also want to start your 4.0 mile hike up to the Granite Park Chalet.
Bird Woman Falls cascading down the slopes of Mt. Oberlin 492 feet, can be viewed from a pullout on the Sun Road.

You will want to roll up the windows as you pass by the cascading spring waterfalls of the Weeping Wall.
The Triple Arches an architectural and engineering marvel, best viewed by those heading east over the Going to the Sun Road.

At Logan Pass you will have climbed 3,000 feet from Lake McDonald. The valleys are low and the peaks are high and you feel you are above it all. There are magnificent views in all directions. The visitor center is right on the continental divide. Logan Pass is also the best place to photograph mountain goats and relatively tame marmots.

The Going-to-the-Sun Road then starts down the east side of the continental divide. About a mile from the pass is Lunch Creek cascading off a cliff north of the road. The road passes through the East Tunnel, one of the most difficult challenges on the Going to the Sun road. This 408 foot tunnel comes directly out of Piegan Mtn and, as it emerges on the other side, there is yet another waterfall.

The road bends sharply around Siyeh Curve as it drops back into the heavy forest area. Mountain goats and bighorn sheep might be spotted in the area. In mid to late summer wildflowers can be seen along the road, including beargrass.

The Golden Staircase, a large pullout along Saint Mary Lake offers view of Saint Mary Lake as well as an opportunity to marvel at the skill of the builders of the Going to the Sun road.

Other points of interest and hikes along the Going to the Sun road.
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Garden Wall April 5th 2012

History of "Going to The Sun Road"