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Top of Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls Goat Haunt Montana, Glacier National Park

Rainbow Falls - 2.0 miles round trip, fairly easy hike with just a little uphill grade to it. Taking the boat built in 1926, from Waterton town site might not seem like the easiest way to get to Goat Haunt Montana, but the alternative is for the hardy hikers indeed. The trail starts at the border crossing here just to the right of the boat landing. Level hiking starts the trail through a housing community of rangers. These rangers are stationed and living here throughout the season. Making this one of the most remote border crossings between Canada and the United States.

About a 1/4 mile down the trail it splits, and for those hardier hikers you can veer off to the right and hike the boulder pass trail and Waterton lake pass trail, or continue on winding through the forest along the Waterton river watershed. Following the river, you pass by a marshy area. A great place for seeing moose and other mountain animals attracted to this spot by the mineral deposits. Watch closely as you hike this area, bear are present and it is always wise to make noise when hiking through a bears back yard.

Following along the river you start a short climb up and the trail ends at the top of the falls. Rainbow Falls has several small cascading drops with beautiful pools of water at both ends of the falls. Enjoy a snack or just sit and watch the scenery as your trip unwinds. Be mindful of hiking with smelly food, as this will attract the most unwelcome of guests to your position. This is a wonderful day hike which allows time to thoroughly enjoy breathtaking views and make it back in time to catch the boat to Waterton town site. The day we hiked in it had rained early on and the clouds were just breaking as we got onto the boat. An hours ride was just enough to clear the sky and let the sun through for our hike. We might have stayed just a bit longer then we should have, wanting to catch all we could with the camera. As we left, you could here thunder all around us and the rain was beginning to pound the trail. Not to be discouraged we took out the umbrellas and continued on our merry way. Missing the first boat gave us plenty of time to visit with other hikers and trade stories of more great trails in the park.

Picture of Goat Haunt Ranger Station

Picture of Ranger Station and Border Crossing
at Goat Haunt Montana

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