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Glacier Park
Goat Haunt Area

International Gateway between Glacier National Park USA and Waterton Park Canada.

It also provides hiking trails that connect the United States and Canada. The region provides wildlife habitats on both sides of the border. As a largely unspoiled natural area, visitors experience an area with few facilities or amenities, but with historical importance including Waterton Town site.

Goat Haunt Ranger Station includes an International Peace Park Pavilion which harbors the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park agreement. The Pavilion is located right off the main dock at the ranger station. This dock is where "The International" a tourist vessel that sails from Waterton Town site to Goat Haunt Ranger station multiple times per day during the summer season. The border crossing at Goat Haunt is done at the Goat Haunt Ranger Station which is currently equipped with a satellite which the rangers use to check passports.

Goat Haunt Ranger Station is the first Ranger Station reached when hiking south on the Continental Divide Trail which spans the length of the USA from the Canadian Border just north of Goat Haunt south all the way to the US/Mexican border. The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail also passes by Goat Haunt as it travels the far northern border of Glacier National Park from Chief Mountain Customs on the east side of the park all the way to the Pacific Ocean on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Boat Landing Site, both flags, looking up from the dock

Goat Haunt Montana Boat Landing
Hikers Shelter and Restrooms Available Here

Goat Haunt and Backcountry Customs Regulations.

People in tour boats and private boats arriving from Waterton Lakes National Park to Goat Haunt are not required to clear customs and immigration unless they travel beyond the immediate shore area of the Ranger Station. Those returning on the same boat will not be considered to be seeking admission into the United States. All hikers crossing the International Boundary from Canada are considered to be applying for admission to the United States, and are required to report to Park Rangers at Goat Haunt for inspection. Only citizens of Canada and citizens or Legal Resident Aliens of the United States of America, who have cleared customs and immigration at the Goat Haunt Ranger Station, will be allowed to travel into the United States beyond Goat Haunt. There are restrictions on all backcountry travel from the United States into Canada, within the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. For more information, please contact the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in advance of any trip at (403) 653-3535. For specific requirements on crossing the border from the United States into Canada, call (250) 887-3413. For information on crossing from Canada into the United States, call (406) 889-3865.

  1. Rainbow Falls - 2.0 miles round trip - From Waterton Town site, take the boat to Goat Haunt Montana, trail starts at the border crossing there.

  2. Kootenai Lakes - 10 miles round trip - Best bet for moose viewing in Glacier Park.