Glacier National Park Information


Camping and Fishing
in Glacier National Park

"One day I went out fishing, with rod and reel and flies,
But I caught more than fish that day--I caught the bluest skies.
And I caught the golden sunbeams as they were streaming through
The branches of the willows, to kiss the drops of dew.

Fishing in Glacier National Park

Over two million people enjoy visiting beautiful Glacier Park every year.
Many who camp at our campsites, enjoy hiking to our crystal clear mountain streams to fish. There is wonderful fishing from the North Fork and Middle Fork of the Flathead Rivers. For those who want to look closer at the fantastic scenery of the Park, there are over 50 different lakes. Many of these lakes will require a hike of 4 to 6 miles.
We certainly can not guarantee what the fish will be biting on. But when you choose to hike there, you will enjoy the trip. There are sights and vistas that you will never forget. You will find native species of trout, such as cutthroat, lake trout and bull trout. These streams are only stocked with types of fish that are native to this area.

Please consider, catching and throwing back, and perhaps using barb less hooks. It's better to pack a camera out with pictures of the big ones you caught, than to tempt a hungry bear into following the scent of fresh caught fish. And them bears do have a sharp nose.

For any hike, it would be wise to check in with a Park Ranger concerning the bear activity, or for snow conditions. Occasionally a trail has to be closed temporarily due to bears or heavy snow. Many lakes can not be reached until mid July due to snow.
We suggest, when ever you go hiking, be sure to carry bug spray, as mosquitoes may be a problem and can certainly make your day unpleasant.

Lake Fishing in Glacier Park

...Yes, fishing is the grandest sport! I love it! So I do.
To be out in the open with nature kind and true.
And how I love to eat them--they make a dandy dish.
But whenever I go fishing, I catch something more than fish."

Excerpted from "A Day's Fishing," by Jim Whilt, ("Poet of the Rockies"), 1928.

Our beautiful Glacier National Park covers 1,584 square miles of the
most scenic mountains, valleys, meadows, glaciers, forests and wildlife you will ever encounter.

Camping and Fishing in Glacier National Park, written by Verna Parks.