Glacier National Park Information


Glacier National Park
Cutbank Area

Cutbank Valley in Glacier National Park

Distances from Cut Bank Campgrounds

Triple Divide Pass Trail  - 3.9 miles

Atlantic Creek Campground - 4.3 miles

Medicine Grizzly Lake - 6.0 miles

Red Eagle Trailhead - 23.2 miles

Morning Star Campground - 6.6 miles ( back country camping )

Two Medicine Campground - 16.9 miles

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The Cut Bank Pass Trail can be accessed by taking Montana Highway 49 to junction with Cut Bank Creek Road, 17 miles north of East Glacier. Drive 4 miles over this improved gravel road past the Ranger Station to the back country parking area. Trail runs west from this parking lot.


Glacier National Park

I had heard, from a traveling buddy of mine, that Cut Bank Pass Trail,
in Glacier National Park was a sight no one should miss. Drive up Highway 49 from East Glacier to Cut Bank
Creek Road. It is about 17 miles North of the Hwy 2. Drive past the
Ranger Station, to the back Country Parking Area.

With the camp grounds to the left of the trail, you head on off toward the west.
The first part of the hike starts by hiking a short distance through a meadow filled with wild flowers in the spring
and gentle slopes of wild grasses in the fall.
You come to a fork in the trail, taking the left will lead along the river 0.1 miles to the site of the old Cut Bank Chalet.
Staying right for Morningstar Lake, the trail takes a short climb here, mellowing out as you reach the ridge, and follows
along the Cut Bank river. Hiking through a forest of birch and pine, the way is shaded and pleasant on those hot summer days.
At 3.9 miles, you junction with the Triple Divide Trail

(3.3 miles to Triple Divide Pass or 2.1 miles to Medicine Grizzly Lake).

Stay left for Morningstar Lake, the trail than turns to the south and continues the ascent to the Cut Bank valley.
Crossing Atlantic creek just below Atlantic Falls at 4.1 miles. The trail enters an open valley filled with wildflowers, and passes under the shadow of Medicine Grizzly Peak to the west with Red Mountain and Eagle Plume hovering above the valley to the east. You can hear the whisperings of waterfalls cascading from heights far above the valley floor.
At 6.6 miles you will come to Morningstar Lake Campgrounds nestled on the eastern shore at the head of the lake.
From here the trail then ascends steeply through groves of small tree stands and grassy meadows to reach Pitamakan Lake at 8.6 miles.  Crossing the lake outlet and heading to the west side of Pitamakan Lake, the trail now ascends again steeply to the Pitamakan Pass. From here the sights are surreal looking out over the rugged peaks of Flinsch Peak and Rising Wolf Mountain. The spectacular view of the sapphire pool of Oldman lake below welcoming visitors from afar.
Continuing on the trail descends to Oldman Lake and on into the Two Medicine valley, arriving at the two medicine camp grounds 16.9 mile later.

Enjoy photos of Cut Bank Creek Trail with views of Red Mountain and Eagle Plume Mountain.