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Fall Colors on Chief Mountain
in Glacier National Park

Fall Colors on the Chief Mountain Hwy

Fall Colors highlight the beauty of Glacier National Park. We visited Chief Mountain on the east side of the park and lucked out by encountering some of the magnificent golds of the Montana Fall colors.


Chief Mountain
Glacier National Park

Chief Mountain Picture Glacier National Park
Looking westward at Chief Mountain in Glacier Park.

Slide Lake

Slide Lake Trail and Campground - 8.6 miles, a backpacking trip from Hwy 17 to Slide Lake and Campground.

Cosley Lake Campgrounds - 8.8 miles from the Chief Mountain customs.

Belly River Trail to Dawn Mist Falls - 8.2 miles

Elk on the Chief Mountain Hwy in Glacier National Park

Elk are amazing animals, so large and yet so graceful. If you have a chance to visit Glacier Park during the end of Sept., make plans to be around Many Glacier and Chief Mountain for the elk rut. A majestic view of bulls challanging each other for their prize cows.

Momma and Baby

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