Glacier National Park Information


Glacier National Park Vision of the Past

Many many years ago, long before this beautiful peaceful place was called Glacier National Park, the Blackfeet Indians lived here and called this home.

As I sit here resting on a log, I look out across Avalanche Creek, and think about the past.

My thoughts go back to the time when the Indians lived here and loved this wonderful, wild area. This was not only where they built their homes of lodge pole pine and animal pelts, but these forests and meadows were where they hunted for their food. If I let my imagination go, I can almost see the braves walking silently through these trees, looking for meat to feed their families. I think of the young girls hunting for berries and eatable roots and bulbs. Maybe they were looking for the plants that were used in making medicines. I feel they were a contented people in spite of their hardships.

At this time of year, " Spirit Maiden of Fall " slowly touches her finger tips to the leaves and changes the scene from green to colors, and puts a chill in the air. The Indian maidens must hurry before the silent snow flakes start to fall. " Father sky " shows grey clouds over the mountain tops. If I think about it, I can almost smell the strips of buffalo meat being smoked for winter stores.

A little squirrel is earnestly hunting for nuts, before the humans can find them. All are preparing for the long cold winter, while the big bear will sleep unconcerned in his cave.

These mountains and waters had a special meaning to the Native Americans. They appreciated and loved this beautiful land. They felt that everything in Nature talked to them. Maybe we should take a lesson from them, and appreciate the gifts of Nature more.

Well, enough of my dreaming. This hike over " The Trail of the Cedars ", starts just east of Avalanche Creek Campground and is an easy hike. You begin along a boardwalk, then it turns into a footpath after we cross Avalanche Creek. It would only take about an hour, unless you stop and dream awhile like I do. This hike takes us thru a lovely grove of red cedar trees which are probably more than 350 years of age. Some of the trees along the way are mountain hemlock. You pass many groups of lacy ferns also.

Avalanche Creek is a swift rushing creek, with blue green pools that will show off the red argillite rocks.

Soon you will come to a paved footpath, where you can once again sit and watch this beautiful creek splash and tumble.

I must advise that anyone who loves nature, take this beautiful hike along the Trail Of The Cedars.
But look out you may become addicted to all of this beauty.

Vision of the past in Glacier Park by Verna Parks.