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The Trailhead is located along Going to the Sun Road just east of the Avalanche Creek Campground. Allow an hour to enjoy the interpretive signs along this trail through the serene forest. A boardwalk and paved path make this an easy hike through lush rich forests of red cedar, hemlock and larch. You'll have superb views of Avalanche creek along the route. Near the footbridge over Avalanche Creek is Avalanche Creek Canyon where the creek passes through red argillite rock and provides a spectacular scene. A must see is this Glacier Park Trail of the Cedars.

Avalanche Gorge Picture

Avalanche Gorge

Hike the Trail of the Cedars, VIDEO by DeerLake.

Tall Cedars Along The Trail
Tall Cedars
The canopy is so full that no weeds grow. I have been weeding my 20 wooded acres for so many years just to keep them under control. I can't wait till my trees get this big.

Trail of the Cedars Deck
Trail Of The Cedars

Along the Trail Picture
Along The Trail of the Cedars

Along the Trail of the Cedars
Deep In The Woods

This is one of the best trails in all of Glacier National Park for wheelchairs. Yes it will be a little bumpy, but go slow and you will have a perfect day.
Trail of the cedars is not to be missed. Enjoy!!