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Moose in Glacier National Park

Moose in Glacier National Park

The plural of moose is "moose."

Moose are the largest antlered animals in the world. Males can easily weight 1,000 pounds, and females may reach 800 pounds. It's easy to tell the males and females apart. The males have antlers, which are huge, flat and dish shaped. The largest antlers can span 6 feet from tip to tip. Did you know that male moose use almost as much energy growing their antlers yearly as female moose use being pregnant?

One thing for sure is that if it's mossy, it's moose-y. Moose spend most of their time in meadows and marshy areas. A moose's diet is made up mainly of underwater vegetation; when feeding, they often dunk their heads underwater, and can keep their heads submerged for more than three minutes. Despite their size, they are also great swimmers.

If you see a moose, however, be very cautious. The males can be very aggressive, and females are extremely protective of their young. Because of their sheer size, moose can be very dangerous, and they aren't as timid as many other wild animals. In fact, moose are probably more unpredictable than any other animal in the wild, and getting too close to them can be extremely dangerous. Watch from a safe distance and pay close attention when out in moose territory.

Moose Walking in the Lake