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Elk in Glacier National Park

The Elusive Elk

Elk bull searching for the cows picture

One of the wonders of North American wildlife can be experienced during the dawn of an autumn day in elk country. As clouds lighten from gray to pink and mountains begin to glow, the bugling of a bull elk resonates across a valley. People who witness such scenes seldom forget the experience.
Elk are one of the most popular animals in North America, and people flock to parks and other locations to see them. Especially during the autumn mating season when elk are most visible and behaving in their most spectacular fashion.

Bull elk with two elk cows

Elk are also often easy to see in the winter, because they are in locations that are usually more accessible to people. But this isn't always a good time to look for them because human activities can put undue stress on the elk. However, you can view elk in a few places such as Jackson, Wyoming, and the Hardware Ranch in Utah, where elk are accustomed to people in winter.

At other times of year, elk are notoriously hard to find. They can be quiet and elusive, blending into their surroundings. Hunters return with tales of tracking phantom bulls -- some people even live with elk on their property and never see the animals.

Elk Cow Picture

Whether we see them or not, our world seems richer because elk are part of it. People throughout North America are working hard to ensure that elk remain a part of our lives now and in the future.

Two elk cows in the stream picture