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Swiftcurrent Lake Loop Trail

Do you want an easy but beautiful stroll, this one will take you around Swiftcurrent lake?

Staying at the lovely Many Glacier Hotel, and looking out the window at a lake so scenic that all you want to do is walk along it’s shore. Or maybe you are just visiting the area for the day. The Swiftcurrent lake loop will take you 2 1/2 miles around the lake, where you will most possible see a bear or two.

The trail starts at the southern end of the hotel, an easy walk traveling along the shore of the lake. There are several places in which you can detour to the shore from the trail. Passing by a rangers cabin, once one of the several chalets that dotted this portion of the park. The trail is wooded, and you will enjoy the cool setting of hiking through the forested area, even the hottest of days will be cooled by the continual breeze of the eastern slopes in Glacier National Park.

Photo Taken From Bridge

As you near the southern end of the lake you will come to a junction marked Grinnell Glacier trail and Grinnell Lake trail. Staying to the right here you find a small foot bridge which crosses the channel between Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. A little ways passed the bridge, the trail will come to a boat landing. Passengers taking the cruise boat on the lakes, disembark one boat here and walk .02 of a mile before boarding the second boat of their tour. Continuing to the right will take you on around Swiftcurrent Lake trail. These trails are very well maintained and in some places are paved.

This area is a favorite for bear and moose who may sometimes wander out of the forest to use this same trail. Be considerate of their home area and give them lots of space. They are not looking for confrontations any more than you are. If for any reason you do surprise one of these majestic animals, slowly back away from them. Do not run. Always report your sighting to anyone working at the trailhead. They may want to warn others, advising them to take this hike at another time.

From Many Glacier Lodge

Enjoy this beautiful spot and come back soon
Swiftcurrent lake loop trail was written by Verna Parks.
Swiftcurrent Lake View