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Swiftcurrent Pass
Glacier National Park

One long days hike from Swiftcurrent Motor Inn to Swiftcurrant Pass. 6.6 mile hike takes you along a chain of lakes in the Many Glacier area. The trail is wide and fairly level for the first half. Starting at the Motor Inn, you travel westward pass Fishercap lake among groves of tall aspen and lodgepole pines. Climbing gently and crossing small streams the trail brings you to Redrock lake. Stopping to view the serene beauty of the lake, you can see the Redrock falls nestled in among the grandeur of mountain peaks surrounding the area. Following on around to the falls, you can see many tracks left here by the ever so present wildlife. Reaching Redrock Falls might be enough for some hikers, as this is a wonderful place to stop and relax. Bring along a lunch and just enjoy the many cascades of this waterfall.

Bullhead Lake in the Many Glacier Area of Glacier National Park

Farther on up the trail 2 miles, you come to the foot of Bullhead Lake. From here you can glance around and see Mount Wilbur, Iceberg Peak, and the north Swiftcurrent Glacier on the eastern slope of Swiftcurrent Mountain. Continuing on you pass another smaller un-named lake, and the trail starts it's ascent up the towering walls of the Many Glacier Valley. Several switchbacks lead you higher toward three waterfalls running from the Swiftcurrent Glacier high above. At the edge of one waterfall the trail starts a crisscrossing pattern along the mountain cliffs on its way to the pass. Spectacular views emerge of the valley below. The chain of lakes in the foreground with wide swept mountain views beyond. The trail enters into meadows as it nears the saddle of Swiftcurrent Pass.

Swiftcurrent Pass in Glacier National Park

Shortly after reaching the pass, the trail breaks of to the north and enters into a steep 1.4 mile climb to Swiftcurrent Lookout.
Continuing on the main trail, you start your decent down .09 miles to the Granite Park Chalet.
Here you can join with the Highline line trail to the south and finish at Logan Pass Visitors Center, or north on the Highline to 50 Mountain Campground.
The shorter and faster way down is the steep descent on the Loop Trail, 4.0 miles returns you to the loop on the Sun Road.