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Grinnell Lake Trail
in Glacier National Park

Cataract Creek on the Grinnell Lake Trail
Cataract Creek in Glacier National Park

Starting at the Oastler Shelter and boat landing, the trail follows along Cataract Creek through the the sub alpine forest for 0.5 miles. Here you will cross a suspension bridge, being a one hiker only traffic bridge, it is quite the experience. From here you will also meet up with the trail to Hidden Falls. Continuing west 0.3 miles the trail reaching the foot of Grinnell Lake. The lake sits at the foot of Mount Gould with Grinnell Falls flowing from the Grinnell Glacier just above.

Grinnell lake with views of Grinnell Falls
Grinnell Lake with Grinnell Falls flowing down from Grinnell Glacier.

Heading south on the trail passed Grinnell Lake, you continue with the trail leading to Feather Plume Falls and on to Piegan Pass Trail.

Views of the Many Glacier Area