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Fishercap Lake
In Glacier National Park

Fishercap Lake, this tiny, shallow, 12-acre lake is one of Glacier National Park's best kept wilderness secrets. Surrounded by spectacular looking rugged mountains on all sides, the lake's still aqua colored surface mirroring the peaks on a sunny clear day.

Fishercap Lake

Hikers of all ages enjoy a short .6 mile, round trip hike from the Swift Current camp grounds, hoping to catch a snapshot of the frequent visiting moose. Bull moose can be seen coming out of the woods and into the lake, settling in to enjoy a meal of the aquatic plants that line the lake's shallow depths. Hikers should be ever mindful of the dangers when confronting wildlife, keeping a healthy distance from these large formidable animals.

Moose in Fishercap Lake

Wildlife abounds in and around Fishercap Lake, taking advantage of the forest's remote location. Grizzly and black bears are common, snacking on the abundance of huckleberries bushes in the area and catching fish from nearby streams. Cougars and wolverines are the quieter, stealthier types, and are not often seen by many visitors.
The Many Glacier resort and Swift Current inn nearest Fishercap Lake are only open from June through September each year due to the high volume of snowfall and extremely remote location.

Indian Paintbrush at Fishercap Lake

Wildlife isn't the only reason to visit the area -- wildflowers and other flora make for beautiful photographs during the summer seasons.