Glacier National Park Information


Appekunny Falls

In Glacier National Park

2 miles round trip 600 ft. elevation gain

Appekunny Falls Photo
Appekunny Falls

The trailhead is located on Many Glacier Road a little more than three miles from the park entrance. There will be a large sign, Poia Lake Hiking Trail, on the north side of the road. The Appekunny Falls Trail is to the left of the large sign.

Appekunny Mountain Photo
Appikunny Mountain from the parking lot.

Beginning in a meadow the trail travels through a variety of colorful wildflowers and berry bushes, including the Buffalo Berry that we hadn’t seen before. The buffalo berry is bright orange-red and only one-quarter inch in size, growing on a shrub that may reach 10 feet in height. The berries by themselves taste terrible but with a lot of sugar aren’t bad. Native Americans used them as a food source. Following the trail leads us into the forest where we begin the climb to the falls. The trail is rocky and care must be taken not to slip on the loose rocks. Getting closer to our destination, we climb over larger rocks to the base of the falls where we stand in awe of the view down the valley to Wynn Mountain and Cracker Flats. The falls are beautiful, flowing through a rocky gorge. An overlook is reached by climbing over more rock where we have a different view of this scenic area.